Treatments & Orthodontics Fees

New Patients

Your first appointment will take about half an hour. Following a preliminary examination, there will be a discussion on the type and costs of the treatment involved. If you or your child is ready for treatment then the initial records are also taken at this appointment. This involves X-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth. At this stage, a treatment plan will be formulated in most cases. Sometimes in complex cases,  a further appointment will be booked to allow the records to be assessed further before a plan is finalised. A review appointment is then booked within a few weeks and at this visit, a treatment plan is finalised and any further questions you may have answered.

Orthodontics Fees

The initial pre-consultation assessment is free. There is a fee for x rays and study models if these are necessary to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. This may be done at the same visit or rebooked for a full consultation appointment Usually a treatment plan can be finalised on the first appointment, however, more complex cases may need a second review appointment a week later to formulate a plan. Once a treatment plan is finalised then the fees for treatment will be discussed. These fees are related to the complexity of the case, the time treatment is likely to take and the type of appliances involved. Treatment for younger patients usually takes 18 – 24 months and comprehensive treatment for adults can take 24 -30 months and have payment plans available. Sometimes adults may request just simple alignment of front teeth and this can be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. Treatment time in these cases would be a lot shorter.

Children Orthodontics (under 18yrs)

  • Early simple removable appliance treatment from €400
  • Fixed appliance single arch treatment from €1200
  • Fixed appliances upper and lower arches from €2200 to €4500 depending on the severity
  • Functional appliance followed by full fixed appliances from  €3200
  • Invisalign Teen from €3500

Adult Orthodontics

  • Fixed appliance single arch treatment from €1200 to €2500
  • Fixed appliances upper and lower arches from €2900 to€4500(aesthetic brackets are €200 extra)
  • Surgical Case €5500. Additional surgical fees are mostly covered by insurance( VHI, Quinn, Aviva)
  • Invisalign one arch from €1500
  • Invisalign both arches from €2500

The fees include all necessary appointments (usually every 6 weeks) and the provision of retainers afterwards. This will also include follow-up appointments for two years after your active treatment to check retainers. The only other charge will be for the provision of new retainers due to wear and tear or loss. A new retainer costs €100 to cover laboratory fees.

There is a 10% discount given on treatment fees for subsequent family members.

Tax Relief Options

Tax relief is available for orthodontic treatments. Anyone paying income tax in Ireland can claim a refund of 20% of fees paid. Parents or guardians are allowed to claim a refund for their dependent children.

Our receptionist will give you the relevant Med II forms and further details are available from your local tax office or at