We would like to inform to all our loyal clients that the practice will be running a reduced service due to Covid19.
We will be providing an emergency service only for our patients, and all routine appointments are postponed until May 7th or until further notice.

Patients who must not attend the clinic

If you or any of your immediate household members have any symptoms of Covid19 or have been recommended to self isolate, please do not attend to the clinic. You can contact our office for advice.

Patients in fixed appliances (train tracks)

Please continue elastic wear as instructed, until your next appointment was due, then stop wear until new appointment is given. If a bracket becomes loose or the brace breaks, please contact the office for an emergency appointment. If wax or elastics are needed, please contact our office to arrange a time to collect it or have it posted out to you.

Patients in Invisalign

Continue to change your aligners as normal. If you are on your last aligner that you have, please contact the office to arrange collection of more aligners if possible. If you are missing an appointment but the aligners are still fitting well, please continue changing them as before. If the aligners stop fitting well, please wear the last aligner that fitted well, during evening and nights, until we can see you again. If you have any concerns, please ring the office for advice. If you are awaiting on a new set of aligners (either a first set or a refinement set), this appointment will be postponed until normal service resumes.

Patients in retention

Please wear your retainers as instructed. Removable Essix (clear plastic) type retainers are usually worn at night only. If small holes or cracks are present, but the overall integrity of the retainer is sound, a replacement can be left until the practice resumes normal service. Bonded fixed retainers may break, but as long as not uncomfortable, they can be left as long as you have a removable retainer that you wear at night in addition. If however, you don’t, please contact out office to arrange repair of the bonded retainer or smoothing of the retainer if uncomfortable.
Please contact our office by phone or email if you have any other concerns or need advice. Please only attend the office for collections and by appointment.

Our reception will remain open to take calls from 9 am to 5pm, and an emergency clinic will be held by appointment every Wednesday morning 9am to 12 pm. You can contact our office by phone on 2768486, or email [email protected]. Please leave a message in case our lines are busy and your call is not answered.

Please note that Woodlands Orthodontics will be following all the recommendations from the HSE and the Dental Council in Ireland, and we will update our service level as soon as possible. We appreciate this will be very inconvenient for our patients, but unfortunately, it is essential to help in the fight against Covid19.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Dr David Hone